• Larry Uy

Let's Go On A Journey

Journey: an act of traveling from one place to another.

Hi, I’m Larry and this is my journey. May of 2009, I initially launched my website but it came to a halt for so many reasons. And now because I want to honor God, because of the prodding from people, and because of a burden to share the beautiful story of the gospel here, I am re-launching my website. Also because I read somewhere that a journey becomes more beautiful when you share it.

Why journey: Because I see life as like a highway and we are on it, on a journey. When you say highway, there are on-ramps and off- ramps. I see those ramps like seasons in our lives.

On a highway at times there are some potholes, traffic jams, and accidents like flat tires. I see those as disruptions (and I have so many to share!) but in every season, in every disruption, there are so many lessons to learn and even share so that others can learn too!

I’m always excited when I go on a journey. I take pride that I’m often very hands on from the planning down to every detail of the journey. I’m usually very much involved in every aspect of our itinerary. But as you may all know, not everything goes out as planned. And sometimes they dampen the mood of a journey (I have lots of those to share too.)

But I will focus more on how God usually changes my perspective and see things His way. Hope it changes yours too.

What makes my journey fun? I guess more than the destination, what makes it more fun are the people I am journeying with. Tim Cahill, an American travel-writer once wrote:

“A journey is best measured by friends rather than miles.” And how true is this!

Of course primarily I enjoy my journey because of those closest to me: my wife, Yet, our kids Gelo, Monty, & Lara, and then my extended family. Most of my life-changing stories that I will share are from my journey with them.

But even when I was younger, I’ve been the favorite designated driver. I’ve always had people joining us in our journey, in the same way God has sent people into our lives to teach us, guide us and even learn from us along the way.

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