• Larry Uy

Is Christmas Getting Cancelled?

“Mom, will we still celebrate Christmas this year?”

I heard this story from a mom when she started her Christmas countdown. Her teenage son asked her if they will still celebrate Christmas because of the pandemic. This story in a way, devastated me. As someone who loves the yuletide season, I couldn’t imagine putting Christmas on hold because there is a pandemic. And what made the matter worse was that it came from a kid.

What is Christmas to you? Is it all about the gifts? Everyone was hit financially in this pandemic and I do understand if people will be very cautious with their spending especially on gifts. But is Christmas all about the gifts? I am actually amazed at how people can still be so generous in spite of the pandemic. We have seen and even experienced generosity from a lot of people during these trying times, even extending extreme generosity to people whom they won’t usually be generous to.

Is Christmas all about the parties for you? Of course this pandemic presents a challenge now with the government-imposed guidelines to prevent the transmission of Covid. And we all really need to be wise about hosting gatherings in our home. What’s the true essence of gathering during Christmas parties? Is it about the food, the thrill of exchanging presents, the sense of pride that you're invited, or so that we can post about on social media?

Is Christmas only for those with money? Whether you are an employee or an employer, I’m sure you followed the recent news regarding the Department of Labor’s decision to uphold the law when it comes to the 13th month pay. Sure, as employees we look forward to that mid-year or end of the year bonus, but is Christmas all about finances? As an employer, is this the only way to show that you are a good or Godly employer?

Is Christmas all about the trips? This I honestly often look forward to. Our entire clan uses this break to travel. My parents would gather all of us and we would fly somewhere after Christmas. And with the risk involved now, I don’t know if our family will be flying somewhere in the near future. But is Christmas all about the fun travels, shopping, and adventures?

Christmas is about Jesus Christ. The Son of God who became man to save you and I from death and hell. Jesus is our salvation. He assures us of eternal life if we repent and completely trust and believe in Him, live out our faith in obedience to Him and under His Lordship, until we join Him in heaven. That’s why we can enjoy the gift giving, because He is the ultimate gift to us, the ultimate sacrifice to take away all our sins so that we can have a full life here on earth. He is reason why we can enjoy the parties, the trips, and the fellowship, because of the true joy that accompanies the reason for the season. We can celebrate because Jesus came to earth, died, and rose again to save us all and that surely should make our Christmas merry and more meaningful.

And yes, no one and nothing can stop Christmas!

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