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More than the books, lessons, and preachings that our children are exposed to, it's by closely watching how we live our lives that they truly learn.


(from left to right) Larry (me), Yet, Monty, Lara, and Gelo

Image by Brett Jordan

Let's go on a journey.

Hi, I’m Larry and this is my journey.

I am re-launching my website because I want to honor God, because of the prodding from people, and because of a burden to share the beautiful story of the gospel here. Also because I read somewhere that a journey becomes more beautiful when you share it.




Usapang Tatay with Larry & Gelo Uy

First time doing a talk with my son, Gelo. Usapang Tatay is an initiative of my friend Allan where we get to talk about fatherhood, family, and faith.

Happy Wife, Happy Life with Larry & Yet Uy

Invited by our friends Chinkee & Novee to talk about our journey as a couple and what we learned together through the years.

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